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Helping Mama Bear

Sad Bear And Baby Fox

Baby Fox saw a mama bear crying.

“Hey, what’s the matte? Why are you crying?” asked the baby fox.

“Oh, my dear boy. My baby is missing for the last two days. I’ve searched for him everywhere. But I couldn’t find him,” said the mama bear.

“Ok, let me see if I could help you,” said the baby fox.

“No, my dear child. You are a little baby. How can you help me?” asked the bear.

“Don’t worry, Mama Bear. I will search for your kid and see if I can find him,” said the baby fox.

“That’s so nice of you,” said the mama bear. But he had no confidence in the baby fox’s words.

The baby fox searched for the missing baby everywhere. While the baby fox was searching on a cliff, he heard a feeble sound from beneath. The baby fox can’t believe his eyes. The missing child was there lying in a pit.

“Hey, Mama Bear, I found your missing child. Come at once,” the excited baby fox screamed.

Mama Bear dashed into the pit and found her baby bear struggling inside it. She cautiously pulled her baby out of the pit. The baby was feeble and trembling. Mama Bear expressed her gratitude to the baby fox for his kind assistance.

“You exceeded my expectations, my dear child. You are a smart fox. I will tell everybody about the help you did for me,” said the mama bear with tears on her eyes. The baby fox was happy, sang a song and walked home to tell her mother the good thing he did for the mama bear.

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