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I Got You!

Rooster And The Cheetah

“Sh, Sh, Sh.., the next few minutes are important to me. Let me tiptoe and grab my today’s hunt”. It was a rooster the cheetah was targeting. But the rooster didn’t felt the presence of a cheetah just near to the rooster. The rooster was busily swallowing the earthworms, a favorite food it always liked.

This cheetah often comes to the village in search of food. The cheetah’s favorite food was goats, roosters, and rabbits of the villagers. The villagers were suffering from the loss of their livestock and their lively hood. They cursed the cheetah, but the cheetah was at large, making the life of villagers difficult.

The rooster saw the shadow. When it turned back, the rooster saw the tiger. But it was too late for the rooster to escape. But something unexpected happened. The cheetah found himself trapped inside a strong iron cage, where he was jumping around. Yes, he was trapped in an iron cage dropped from the tree above. The villagers had made a trap for the cheetah hanged from the top of a tree. The cheetah roared at the rooster. “Hey, you trapped me,” the wild animal was angry with the rooster. The rooster heaved a sigh of relief, escaping from the cheetah.

Soon the zoo people came and put the cage with the cheetah inside it onto their vehicle and transported it to the zoo, where he would be spending the rest of his life without any worries about getting food.