Robin Bird, Earthworm And The Yellow Snake


Bird and the worm in its beak cartoon

You can't escape now!

It was a hot summer afternoon, the little earthworm was moving around in the ground. The Robin bird, sitting on a branch of a tree, was watching the slowly moving worm. He couldn’t resist himself, because worms are Robin bird’s choicest food, and if they get one, they are happy.

Robin flew down from the tree, picked the worm with its beak. “Please, please let me go,” the worm begged for its life. “No way, today you are my food, and I have no other choice other than eating you,” the bird said.  Gulp, the bird swallowed the worm. Immediately a long yellow snake appeared from behind the bird. The snake grabbed the bird. It was so unexpected, that the bird couldn’t fly away.  “Please let me go,” the bird pleaded to the snake. But the snake didn’t hear the bird’s plea and reminded the bird about the worm’s request for life.

The snake saw both the worm and the Robin bird. He was sure that the bird will fly down to pick the worm. So he patiently waited, and everything happened as planned. The bird had a great lunch on the worm, and the snake had a great lunch on the bird.  That’s how everything happening in the animal world. One becomes the food of another.

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