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The End Of A Cruel Lion

How dare are you doing this?

There lived a cruel lion in the forest, who found great enjoyment in killing animals without any reason. Even when the lion was not feeling hungry, the lion killed animals. One day, a monkey decided to put an end to the lion’s cruelty.

One day, the lion was sleeping on the cliff. A monkey was sitting on a big tree overlooking the other end of the cliff. When the lion woke-up he saw the monkey.

“How dare are you sitting on the tree above me?” the lion roared.

The monkey ignored the angry lion and continued to enjoy some sweet bananas. The lion, with a fist of fury, jumped to the other end of the cliff to catch the monkey. But the lion couldn’t make it to the other end of the cliff. He fell from the cliff and died.

The news of the lion’s death spread like wildfire in the forest. All the animals came to thank the monkey for the help he did to the animal community, saving them from the cruel lion.

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