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Almost Lost In The Flood

Oh, this flood waters will wash me away!

It was a fine morning in the forest. Suddenly, Micky the tiger saw everybody running. The birds are flying in the sky, warning the animals.

“Hey, why everybody is running?” Micky asked a bird.

“A flood is coming on your way. Escape from here as soon as possible, or the flood will take you,” said the bird.

“No floods can take me. I am strong, and everybody fears me. I am not like cowards running for their lives,” Micky said arrogantly.

Only Micky was left in that part of the forest. All other animals ran for their life. The tiger was so confident that no flood waters can do anything to him, because he was strong.

“Let all the cowards run away, I am going to stay here,” Micky said to himself.

Soon, Micky heard a strange sound from a distance. When he looked up, he saw that terrifying scene, the flood waters coming on his way. The Micky tried to escape, but the flood waters took the tiger away.  The tiger couldn’t swim against the current and was being washed away by the flood waters.

“Hey, please help me. I am being taken by the flood waters,” Micky, the tiger, cried for help. But there was nobody to listen to Micky’s cry for help.

Luckily, Micky got hold of a rock. He tightly held on the rock. After a few hours, the flood was over. It was a flash flood that would last only for a few hours.

When the animals returned, they saw Micky lying unconscious on the rock. They woke up Micky. When Micky opened his eyes, he saw all the animals laughing at him.

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