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Overexcitement Ruins The Lion's Day

lion looking at the deer
Ah, Here Comes My Dear Deer

The young lion stood above the rock and waited for the animals to pass through its place. What was his plan? Yes, he was on a hunting mission. From above the rock, the lion could see everything around him.

The First Ever Challenge

It was an important day for him. The young lion’s first-ever attempt to catch an animal, all of his own. Every lion has a dream to become a great hunter, and this young lion was no exception. He was trained by his dad on how to hunt animals and today was his test.

“I must catch an animal today to prove myself before my dad and siblings. Otherwise, everybody will laugh at me”, the lion thought.

After some time, a deer came that way. Unaware of the lion watching him over, the deer was happy jumping around. The lion was super excited about seeing the deer.

“Here comes a great chance to prove myself. At any cost, I should not miss this catch,” In its excitement, the lion roared loudly. The deer looked up and saw the lion and moved back. At the same time, the lion jumped on the deer and landed flat on the ground. The deer escaped.

“You look so tired. What happened? You are supposed to bring your hunt back home, or did you eat your hunt all by yourself?” back home, the lion’s mother asked.  The lion had nothing to say. “Overexcitement ruined my day,” he just said that and went to sleep.