Just Stop Hide And Seek, Rabbit And The Lion Story

“At last you’re in my hands. Now you can’t escape playing nasty tricks. It’s enough playing hide and seeks, now you are mine. You have left no option left other than becoming my lunch today,” the lion said to the rabbit.  The bunny rabbit never expected that. “You are the king, if you decided to eat me, let it be, but before killing me, I want to tell you something,” she said. “Ok, what’s your last wish?” the hungry lion asked. “It’s not my last wish, but it’s about your kingship, I want to tell you,” the rabbit said.

“What nonsense are you talking about? I am the king, and everybody knows it and treats me like a king,” the lion said. “But, I saw another lion, stronger than you, I just want you to be careful, because he may attack you anytime to take over the kingship from you,” the rabbit said. “Another lion who’s stronger than me?” the lion grew anxious and wanted to learn more about his opponent from the rabbit. “If you let me go, I will show him,” the rabbit said. “Ok, I will let you go. Show me where that lion is hiding?” the king asked the bunny rabbit. “Follow me, I’ll show you,” the rabbit said.

The rabbit started running, followed by the lion. Soon they reached a riverside. The rabbit asked the lion to look into the river. The fool lion saw himself, the mirror image reflected in the crystal clear water. “Oh my god, he is stronger than I thought, I must leave now without asking for more trouble,”  and he left the forest. All small animals were happy because now they don’t have to fear the lion.

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