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Newspaper Rabbit And Fox

Please come down, let's celeberate

One day, a fox came to the rabbit. He had a bad intention to eat the rabbit. So he appeared friendly.

“Hey, bro, Come down. Let’s celebrate the forest day together,” said the fox.

It was forest day, and all animals were in a celebration mood.

It’s good that I read newspaper everyday!

The rabbit knew that the fox was a bad one. The rabbit had read about that fox in the newspaper who had trapped many rabbits.

“Hey, Mr. Fox. Don’t try to trap me. I know who you are and your real motive in inviting me to the celebration. I have read about your smartness in the newspaper. You can’t fool a rabbit who reads the newspaper regularly,” said the rabbit.

“Oh, he knows about it. Now, I have to find a rabbit who doesn’t read the newspaper,” thought the rabbit, and went in search of another rabbit.

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