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The Monkey Thief

Um, this is the right time to steal the sandwich from the boy.

The monkey found enjoyment in stealing things from others. The monkey was hiding behind the leaves, checking out a family picnicking. The family of three, father, mother, and son, was having a great time together. They were sharing jokes and eating the sandwich.

The monkey targeted the boy who was eating the sandwich. The monkey slowly came out of the leaves and tip-toed toward the boy. The monkey snatched the sandwich from the boy’s hand and climbed a tall tree. Everything was so fast. The perplexed family couldn’t understand what had just happened. Then they saw the monkey climbing the tree with the sandwich in its mouth.

The family was surprised by the lightning speed at which the monkey executed the entire operation. How fast the monkey snatched the sandwich from the boy’s hand.

“Hey monkey, it is not good stealing from others. Here is a new sandwich. Come and take it. Don’t steal anymore,” said the boy.

The family offered another sandwich to the monkey by throwing a sandwich for the monkey. But the monkey didn’t come down. Because the monkey was interested only in stealing because that has become the monkey’s habit.

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