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Never Listen To Somebody Who Wants You To Fight

There he is, go and fight

“Go and thrash that tiger. That tiger is crossing the limits!” the red bird provoked the bear.

Provoked by the bird, the bear ran went straight to the tiger, who was quenching its thirst from the river. The bird flew to a nearby tree to enjoy the fight. The bird loved fighting. So it provoked the bear to fight with the tiger without any reason.

It was a terrible fight between the two animals. The tiger and the bear were equally strong. In the last round of the fight, the tiger pounded heavily on the bear. That was a severe blow to the bear. The bear couldn’t move. The tired bear laid down on the ground without any movement.

The tiger went it’s way. The bird flew to the bear and mocked him for his failure in the fight.

“I thought you were powerful, but you proved that you are nothing before a tiger. Shame on you, what a shame?” said the bird, and flew away leaving the bear in the ground.

The bear learned a lesson that day. Never get into a fight just by hearing somebody.

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