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The Lion And The Provoked Rhino

Give Way, Or You'll Suffer

The rhino didn’t like it. The lion was sitting on its way.

“Why are you sitting on my way?” the angry rhino asked.

“I sit wherever I love to sit. Who are you to ask?” the lion also was angry.

“Look, I don’t have time. I am already late for the meeting. Give way, or I will have to use my horn,” said the rhino.

“Use your horn. It’s just a small one. I have seen big ones on the elephants. Still, I don’t fear those elephants and fight with them,” said the lion.

The rhino didn’t reply but turned back and walked away.

The lion thought the rhino had retreated. But the lion was wrong. From a distance, the lion saw the rhino coming running towards it in full force.

Even before the lion could do anything, the rhino charged the lion with its horn. The lion was in the air and fell to the ground.

The rhino went on its way while the lion cried in pain.

“Oh, only if I had given him the way, then I could avoid this pain,” the lion thought while still crying in pain.

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