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Never Listen To A Stranger's Voice

Baby, Just Swim. I'll Teach You!

The baby elephant was on the lakeside. The lake was pleasantly flowing. But what the baby elephant was unaware of was that several crocodiles were hiding under the water. Those crocodiles are waiting for any animal to step into the water to catch them. Crocodiles thought that the baby elephant will step into the water, but that didn’t happen. So they send one of the crocodiles to lure the baby elephant into the water.

“Hey, Baby, why are you just standing there? Come, step into the water. I will teach you how to swim,” the crocodile said.

“Wow, I would love to learn swimming. Last time during the flood, my mom saved me swimming across the river,” said the baby elephant.

At the same time, the baby elephant remembered what his mother taught him. Never listen to a stranger’s voice.

“I am sorry, uncle, I’ve to rush to my home because my mom would be waiting for me,” he said. He ran from the lake. When he returned home, he told everything that happened on the lakeside.

“Oh, my dear boy, you just saved yourself from those cruel crocs. If you had stepped into the water, those animals would have killed you. I am proud of you son, you did the right thing,” his mother said.

The baby elephant was happy that he listened to his mother’s advice. “Never Listen To A Stranger’s Voice!”

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