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Lost In Another World

When He'll Come?

My friend went to school, will return only in the evening. Until then, I have nothing to do. Wandering here and there and try to create problems with the cats and birds is the only pastime I have here. This is a new place for me. The boy bought me from a farmer in a village. I had plenty of stuff to do with the sheep. I was guarding them against predators.

The boy who visited the farmhouse saw me and wanted to buy me. So the farmer sold me to the boy and I am here. This is a new world for me, new people, and new surroundings, entirely different from the village I came from. There are no sheep and of course, no predators to watch out for. It’s quite boring here, nothing much to do. But the boy tries to keep me happy and I am slowly adjusting to this new environment. 

In the evening, when the boy comes from school, we used to play a lot. The boy is training me in new tricks. Tomorrow, I am going to participate in a dog show. The boy is sure that I will win the show. He wanted me to do my best. I hope to see other cute dogs in the show and wanted to make friends with them.

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