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This Giraffe Made Good Use Of His Long Neck

giraffe and the rabbit
What a fantastic day!

Hey funny bunny what’s up?

“Dude, what’s up? You seem to be so happy today. What are you doing here?” asked the giraffe.

“I am just jumping around, but I feel a lot bored. I just love to have some kind of adventure in my life,” said the rabbit.

“Hey, dude, adventures can sometimes land you in trouble,” said the giraffe.

“I don’t care. I just love to have some fun in my life. I want to show the world that I am something!” said the rabbit.

The Giraffe was having a friendly chat with the rabbit. He tried to change the rabbit’s mind. Suddenly they heard a loud notice. It was a lion who appeared from nowhere, coming fast to catch the rabbit.

It was a sudden appearance. The rabbit cried for help.

“Just grab on my neck,” said the giraffe.

The giraffe lowered his neck down for the rabbit. As soon as the rabbit grabbed its neck, the giraffe raised its neck and started running. The giraffe ran fast.  Thanks to the long legs of the giraffe, the lion couldn’t reach them. The lion followed the giraffe for a distance, but it couldn’t catch the giraffe. The giraffe and the rabbit reached a meadow, far away from the lion.

“Are you still feeling bored? Had enough adventure today?” asked the giraffe.

“Oh, it was too much. I just hate adventure. I want a peaceful life. Thank you very much for your timely help saving me from the nasty lion,” said the rabbit.

“Friends are for that, to save you from dangers,” said the giraffe and lowered the rabbit to the ground. The rabbit went home happy.