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The Jungle Marathon

elephant chasing a bear
Stop There, I Want To Deal You

It was a quiet day in the jungle. All animals were busy eating food. The elephant was eating fresh sugarcane under a tree, the lion was eating the day’s first hunt, a bear was on the treetop collecting honey. Suddenly, the bear lost his grip on the tree and fell upon the elephant.

The bear started running because he knew that if he stayed there, the elephant would kill him. He was right, the angry elephant was just behind the bear to catch him. While running, the elephant accidentally put heavy his leg on the lion’s tail. The angry lion started chasing the elephant, the three animals were running as fast as they could.

The bear ran towards the highest peak of the mountain. Just near the peak, the bear stopped, the elephant stopped and the lion too stopped.  “See friends, I saved you both from falling from this cliff,” announced the bear pointing his finger towards the deep valley behind him. The bear was right, he was standing on the mountain peak and there was no road after that. If they were running, they would have fallen to the deep valley and die. The lion and the elephant thanked the bear for saving their life and went their way.