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I Love Fishing, Are You Coming?

Let's go fishing

“Come with me. I will give you some fish to eat. Look here, I have a long fishing rod in my hand,” the dog invited the cat to go with him for the fishing.

The cat loved to eat fish. So it followed the dog. When they reached the riverside, the dog put the bait on his fishing rod and threw it into the water. Dog and cat then waited for a fish to bite on their bait.

It’s almost an hour. Nothing happened.

“Hey, I am losing patience. I’m going home,” said the cat.

“Be patient, my dear friend. I am sure a fish will be hooked in our bait soon,” said the dog.

Then the dog sensed a movement on the fishing rod.  The dog pulled the fishing rod out of the water. The dog and the cat were not disappointed. It had a big fish on it.

The dog fed the cat with the fish. The cat was happy to eat fresh fish to fill its stomach. Together they had a great time.

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