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Blue Butterfly Dress And The Deer

Praise God In All We Do!

In a lush forest surrounded by towering mountains, a young deer was jumping around. She saw a blue butterfly, and the young deer was so fascinated by the blue butterfly flying around it. It was the cutest butterfly the deer had ever seen.

“Hey, You look so beautiful in your blue attire. Where did you buy that dress from?” asked the curious deer.

“Thanks for that compliment, dear deer. Not everybody appreciates me as you did. I didn’t buy it from anywhere, but I got this dress as a gift from God in the heavens. I am happy that I made you happy. You also look cute. We all are made beautiful by our grand creator. Isn’t it? So let’s praise him for his wonderful works!” said the butterfly.

“Sure, we have got every reason to praise God, who made everything beautiful and perfect,” said the deer.

The butterfly flew around the deer and vanished. The deer continued to play around until it was sunset. Back home, she told her mother about the blue butterfly. Her mother was also happy to hear about the blue butterfly and whatever she said about the God.

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