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Hide And Seek

Why are you here?

Two rabbits were playing hide and seek. One of the rabbits started counting, and the other rabbit searched for a hiding place. It found a good hiding place. But the rabbit didn’t see a lion sleeping near the place the rabbit chose for hiding.

“Hey, who disturbed my sleep?” the lion opened its eyes and looked around. The lion saw the rabbit near him.

“How dare you come near to me. I’ll kill you,” said the lion.

The rabbit was gripped with fear. Not only its life, but his friend’s life too was in danger. Anytime, his friend will reach the place looking for him.

“Hey, Mr. Lion. I came to tell you something serious,” said the rabbit.

“What is your serious matter?” asked the angry lion.

“You have got another lion, waiting near the cliff. That lion may attack you, and take your place as the king of the jungle, be careful,” said the rabbit.

“Only one lion should be here, and that’s me. I won’t allow any other lion in my place. Let me go to the cliff and challenge him to a fight,” said the lion. The lion ran towards the cliff. Once he reached the cliff, he didn’t see anybody.  So the lion roared. In response, he heard a lion roaring back. He again roared, and the other lion roared.

“Come in front of me. I will kill you,” said the lion. The other lion also responded the same thing. The lion got angry and jumped from the cliff it was standing to the other cliff from where he heard his enemy roaring. But, the lion couldn’t reach the other cliff and fell from the cliff. Anyway, the lion survived the fall with injuries.

The rabbits were happy because they got their life back.

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