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Hide Me Please!

What are you doing here?

“Hey, what are you doing here? Are you fearing something?” asked the funny red bird to the rabbit, who was desperately trying to hide from a fox.

“Sh, sh, sh, please don’t raise your voice, or that nasty fox will find me.  I am trying to hide from that wicked fox,” whispered the rabbit.

“Um, I will help you out” said the red bird, who made a few rounds over the paddy field. At last, he found the fox searching for the rabbit.

“Hey, Mr. Fox, did you lose something? What are you searching for?” asked the red bird.

“I am searching for my friend Mr. Rabbit. By the way, did you see a grey rabbit anywhere here?” asked the fox.

“Yes, I saw that grey rabbit. He was running in that direction,” the bird diverted the fox to another direction away from the rabbit.

“Thanks a lot buddy. Let me go and find him out fast. I want to share good news with him,” said the fox and ran in the direction the bird told him.

The bird came back to the rabbit and said that he was safe. The rabbit thanked the bird for his timely help. The bird smiled and flew away.

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