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Missing Tiger Cub

I Found Your Baby!

“Hey, what happened to you? Why are you looking so sad? ” the fox asked the tigress.

“It’s almost a week since my baby has gone missing.

I have searched for him everywhere but couldn’t find him,” said the tigress.

“Don’t worry, I will help you to find your missing child.

I have so many friends in the forest, and together, we will find your baby,” said the fox.

The fox and his friends started searching for the missing tiger cub.

After a few days of search, they finally traced the tiger baby to the home of a bear, who had kidnapped the tiger baby.

“Let the bear go out, then we will get the baby.

Until then, we’ll wait here,” said the fox to his friends.

After a few hours of waiting, they saw the bear going out of his den for daily honey hunting.

“Friends, please wait for some more time.

I think there is another bear also in the den.,” said the fox,

The fox was right. There was another bear in the den sleeping. 

“Now, let me do something to send that bear away,” said the fox.

“Somebody home?” the fox called out.

“Hey, I am here. Can’t you see me standing before you,” said the bear.

The bear was actually awake to keep an eye on the tiger baby.

“Oh, I am sorry, bro! But it’s urgent.

“Your friend has fallen down from a tree while collecting honey.

He sent me out to inform you that he needs your help.

Please hurry, go and help your friend,” said the fox.

Hearing about his friend, the bear ran as fast as he could to reach his friend.

“Friends, come now. It’s safe to go inside,” said the fox.

When they entered the house, they found the tiger baby crying.

“Don’t worry, baby.

We are here to free you, to take you back to your mother,” said the fox.

The mother tigress couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw his baby walking towards her.

The baby tiger was accompanied by several foxes, who rescued him.

She couldn’t hold back her tears.

“Thank you, my dear friends, Mr. Fox, and your team, for your help. 

Without your help, I never had my baby back,” said the tiger.

“No worries, we are glad we could help you,” said the fox.

The tigress threw a party to celebrate the homecoming of her dear son. The foxes had a great time dancing, singing, and eating.

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