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Drowning Elephant Rescue

Ooops, The Water Is So Deep!

“Hey, mom, look at that, I found a lake!” the baby elephant was screaming with joy. He was too excited about taking a bath in the lake. He just dived into it. “How cool the water is, I feel so refreshing,” he told his mom who was standing on the banks. For the past few days, the elephant herd was on a long journey through the forest in search of water. The scorching summer has made the water so scarce in the forest which forced many animals out of their comfort zone, walking miles and miles to find water.

But the baby elephant was terribly wrong in accessing how deep the lake was! He found himself in a drowning situation.  “Mom, please help me, I am drowning he cried out for help.

His mother immediately sprang into action. She swam to her dear son and rescued him. “Never allow your excitement to make foolish decisions,” she advised her son, and he

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