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Fox And The Croc

Stay under the water. Rabbit will come anytime!

The fox saw the crocodile getting sunlight on the riverside. “I need something to eat, if you can bring me some food, I will be thankful,” said the crocodile. I can read that from your face. You can hide in the water and I will bring some rabbits. The moment they are near you, you can catch them,” said the fox.

The fox went and saw some rabbits. So he said to them. “Folks, I have a great news for you. There are some carrots near the riverside, go and get them. It’s very tasty and some rabbits have already took a bite on them,” said the fox. The curious rabbits straight away went to the riverside. There were some carrots. But the leader of the carrot asked the rabbits to stop. “There is something behind it. The carrots are grown under the earth. Here we see them over the earth. It’s a cheat, let’s wait here,” and they were hiding inside the bush.

Later that day, the fox again appeared. “Where is my food, you crooked fox,” the crocodile was angry with the fox. I have sent some rabbis to you. You see, these carrots, they will come here to eat them. That’s my plan,” the fox said. When the rabbits heard the fox, they ran back to their home.

The crocodile was angry with fox because his plan didn’t work out. So he ate the fox and went his way.

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