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Wolf And The Rabbit Story

Please stop there cutie!

One day a jackal saw a rabbit. He saw the rabbit was very fat and wanted to eat it. But there was problem, the wolf was on the other side of the river. So he called the rabbit and said.

Hey, cutie, where are you going, you seem to be very busy?

“I have no time to stop, I am going shopping. to buy some carrots to be collected before the winter starts.” said the rabbit

“Oh, I can help you out, I own a big carrot farm, where I grow carrots for cuties like you. if you come with me, I am happy to show you around, and you can have plenty of carrots!” the wolf sounded very friendly and caring. 

“No buddy, I want carrots to eat, but not the carrots that eat me, Sorry, I have to go!” said the rabbit and ran fast as she could. The disappointed wolf went back to his home.

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