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Please Listen To Me

Brave Cow And The Clever Bird

The cow was grazing on the riverside. She was very fond of the riverside because the grass there tasted so delicious. Suddenly, a bird appeared from nowhere. “You should not stay here for long. A tiger is on the run. He will come here anytime, so you must leave now,” warned the bird, Thanks for the information Mr. Bird, but I don’t fear any tigers because I am brave,” the cow said. It’s ok to be brave, but you should use your commonsense also. “Hey, how can I use the commonsense?” asked the cow.

“The tiger is stronger than you and he can easily overpower you,” that’s the commonsense I am talking,” said the bird. The cow understood why she should leave the place immediately instead of showing how brave she is. Suddenly the tiger appeared from nowhere. Both cow and the bird got frightened. “What are you talking about me?” asked the tiger. The cow nearly fainted. But the bird showed the courage and presence of mind to speak to the tiger. She said that she was telling the cow about the tiger saying that he is so generous to others.

dutiful dog and the cat

Let Me Dive In!

“That’s good to hear. I am happy about that. Hi, Ms. cow do you think I am generous?” asked the tiger. “Yes, you are, said the cow. “Ok, you can leave now, I am showing that generosity,” said the tiger. The cow thanked the tiger and winked at the bird for his timely action. She left the place immediately and never returned to the riverside again.