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Escaping From A Hole Tragedy!

“Mama, what is happening to you? Are you going down?” the baby elephant was running around the hole where his mom got trapped. Both the baby and mom elephants were coming after a picnic. It was a great day for the mother and the baby elephant. Suddenly, all their happiness turned into sorrow as the mother elephant got trapped inside a big hole dug by cruel elephant hunters.

How can I help you mom? the baby elephant asked his mother.

“Somebody please help us, my mother is trapped,” baby elephant cried loudly, ran here and there looking for help. A group of elephants passing through that place heard his cry for help. They saw the crying baby and came for help. It was not an easy task to bring the mother out of the hole. So their leader said to the gang to wait for the hunters to come. Because they must have a rope. Soon they all heard the sound of a Jeep. The hunters were coming with their big guns. All the elephants went hiding. The hunters stopped near the hole were happy to see the trapped elephant.

Suddenly all the hiding elephants appeared, the hunters were taken aback by the sudden appearance of the elephants. They abandoned their Jeep and ran. They helped the mother elephant to come out of the hole with the strong rope hunters brought with them. The baby elephant was happy to see his mother again. Both the elephants cried in excitement and thanked the other elephants for their timely help.

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