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Elephant's Love For Sugarcane

What's Up?

“Hello friend, you seem to be very excited today, what’s up?”

“I am very excited, there is a lot of activities today. I overheard my father talking to his friends about getting some sugarcane. You know, sugarcane is very tasty and juicy. But we have to keep an eye on the people there because they will come and create problems.”

“I too love sugarcane, it gives us a lot of energy. I chew and chew the sugarcane until it becomes just like a piece of brush. One day when I was eating it, some people came with their drums and started making a lot of sounds.

Boy Coffee Mug
Boy Coffee Mug

They wanted to frighten us. We got frightened, and we all ran for our life. I don’t know why people are so crazy about elephants eating sugarcane. Anyways, we will go there today and find out if there is any sugarcane left there.” Both the elephant babies along with the elephant herd went in search of sugarcane. They reached the place where there was plenty of sugarcane. Nobody was there to frighten them. They all eat to their heart’s content and returned happily and singing songs.

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