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Elephant And The Birds

elephant and the trees
I'm having fun!

The elephant was in a frenzy mood. Running around, uprooting the trees around. All elephant wanted was to have fun and to show other animals how strong elephant was.

“Hey, what happened to you? Are you crazy?” a bird from the tree yelled at the elephant.

“Can’t you see, I am just having fun uprooting these big trees. See, how strong I am?” said the elephant.

“You are strong, I agree. But you are doing a bad thing to us, birds. See how many birds have lost their home when those trees have fallen. Will you please stop doing this?” pleaded the bird.

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t see the bird nests on the trees. Thank you for realizing the bad thing I was doing. I will never ever uproot a tree in my life,” said the elephant.


2022-09-27 12:31:50


Poor birds lost their home to the elephant fun. so cruel!