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Elephant And The Archimedes Principle

What A Beautiful Pool!

The elephant broke into the resort. Luckily nobody was there, thanks to the Covid pandemic. The resort had a great swimming pool filled with shining blue water.

“Wow, I will have a lot of fun today. This water looks exciting! I can quench my thirst and swim around. I will have a great time today!” thought the elephant.

So the elephant decided to take a plunge into the blue waters But, when he dived into the pool, something weird happened. There was no water in the swimming pool.

“Hey, where’s all that water gone? I am fooled by this swimming pool” the elephant was angry.  All the water splashed around the swimming pool because the huge elephant was made the water spilled out from the swimming pool.

But the swimming pool was calm.

“It’s not my fault, my dear elephant, and it’s not your fault also. It’s Archimedes’ principle. When you plunged into the water, I had no choice but to empty the water to accommodate your big body inside me. So I splashed my water outside, and there was no water left for you to swim!” the swimming pool said.

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