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Wild Cheetah And The Chomping Rabbit

Chomp, Chomp, It's Great Taste!

Sometimes wild animals also turn to be good with small animals they catch. Here is a story of a cheetah in the wild and a small bunny. One day a hungry cheetah heard a weird sound. He got alert and prepared for the hunt.

“Hey, what’s that sound?” the curious cheetah got alert. The fastest animal in the wild slowly walked to the place from where the sound was coming. What the cheetah saw made him happy. It was a cute bunny. “Today, it’s a nice catch, I should not miss him,” thought the cheetah.

The bunny was chomping a carrot, which made that sound. The bunny was in another world, enjoying the juicy carrot. He was completely unaware of the cheetah’s presence.

“An Argument Within Himself!”

cheetah looking back imageThe cheetah waited for the bunny to finish the carrot. As he watched the bunny, he felt pity for the cute bunny. Sometime passed. The cheetah started arguing himself whether he should catch the bunny or leave it alone. “I should not do any harm when an animal is enjoying its life,” so the cheetah decided to leave the bunny alone. The bunny was still chomping to his heart’s content without knowing what had just happened.

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