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Baby, Listen To Me!

There Is A Baby Elephant On My Way!

The little train found a strange thing on its rail. At first, the train thought somebody it was a big rock from a distance. But when he came near and near, he found that it was not a rock but an elephant. A baby elephant was sitting on the rail and playing. The train blew its whistle loud to tell the baby that he was blocking his way. The baby elephant looked back, saw the train patiently smiling at him.

“Hey, baby, please give me the way. I am going to my loco shed,” the train said.

“Ok, you can go home,” the baby elephant said.

“But you are sitting on my rail. I can’t go forward unless you move from my rail. Because I run on these rails.” said the train.

The baby elephant understood the problem and moved from the rail. “I am sorry, I didn’t know that I was blocking your way,” the baby elephant said.

Exciting Train Ride

“It’s not a problem, I knew that! Would you like to have a ride?” the train asked.

“Yes, I love to ride on a train,” said the baby elephant.

“Ok, just get into an open wagon behind me.”

The baby elephant managed to get inside an open wagon that was tied to the engine. The train started slowly moving. “Wow, I love this ride,” screamed the baby elephant with joy.

“What’s your name? I would like to hear more about you,” the baby elephant asked the train.

I am smoky, a steam engine. I run every day to fetch people and goods from one place to another. Every day, I run hundreds of miles for that purpose,” said the train.

After running for a few miles, the train stopped for the baby elephant to get down. The baby elephant was in great excitement. He thanked the train for the great ride he had. The train smiled at the baby elephant and rushed to its home, to the loco shed. The baby elephant also ran to his home to tell his train adventure to his mother.