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Duck And The Frog Band

Who's the singer?

Touring The World With Their Band

One day, the duck, who was walking near the pond, heard somebody singing a song. But, the duck couldn’t see the singer.

“Who’s this great singer? I want to meet him. He is singing in such a great voice,” the duck searched for the hidden singer everywhere.

After searching for a while, the duck found out who the singer was. It was none other than a green frog in the pond singing his masterpiece, Chrome, Chrome.

The Offer

“You sing so well. I was searching for a singer like you to form a band. If we sing together, there will be more listeners. What do you think? Would you like to join me?” asked the duck.

The frog readily accepted the duck’s offer. Actually, he was also looking for a partner to form a band.

“Sure, I can join you. Let’s start a band. I am sure that we will be the most popular band in the town and get a lot of popularity,” the frog jumped in excitement.

“Quack, Quack, Chrome, Chrome, duck, and the frog began to practice a new song for their band. Let’s hope that we will see the duck frog band touring around the world with their popular band.

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