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Flower And The Humming Bird

hummingbird and the flower
Nice honey

The Honey Is So Sweet!

The hummingbird flew over the flower. It was collecting honey from the flowers in the garden. Before the bird dips its beak on any flower, it has to seek permission from the flower to collect honey. That is why the bird is flying around the flower.

“Hello beautiful flower, Can I collect honey from you?” the hummingbird politely asked.

“Why not? Just come and take all the honey you want. It’s my pleasure to serve you. But if you sit on my lap, I can’t support you, and I will die,” said the flower.

“No problem dear,. I will not sit upon you. Look at these pair of speedy wings god has provided me. With these high-speed flappings, I could stay on the air still for minutes,” said the hummingbird.

The hummingbird stood in the air flapping its wings fast, extended its beak to the middle of the flower.  Its flapping gave the flower a nice feeling, as it generated a breeze of air.

Wow, your honey is so sweet and tastes heavens,” said the hummingbird. The flower was happy to hear those words from the hummingbird. She smiled at the hummingbird. “It was a pleasure serving you with my honey. Hope, I will see you again, come again tomorrow!” said the flower.

“Sure, we’re friends. Now I will come everyday,” said the bird and flew away to his home.