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Ruthless Rooster And The Worms

This rooster is a worm eater

The Worm Eater

The rooster saw a worm. Even before the worm could move away from the rooster, it swallowed the worm. The rooster was so fast in eating the worm. Even the worm might not have realized that it was eaten by the rooster.

“Gulp, this worm tasted heavens! I should have explored this area before! There will be more such worms here,” the rooster said to himself and began to scout the place for more such tasty worms.

Soon the rooster found many worms and ate them one by one. The worm kingdom was shaken by the unexpected attack by the ruthless rooster. But the worms are helpless because they can’t fight with a rooster. They can’t do anything other than move away from that place to escape the ruthless rooster.

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