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Let's Go Train

Here comes my train

Hey, kitty, be ready, here comes our train dragged by a smart steam engine. Loot at that thick smoke he’s spitting onto the air.

Kitty, you will be wondering who’s this smoky. It’s a train engine. Every train should have an engine, a powerful one, to drag its wagons to destination.

Once the train stops, we’ll get in one of the wagons. It runs on these long rails. Look how long the railway line goes!

The girl is going to her grandma’s place with her little cat. She usually boards this train to the next city. Smoky has a good track record of getting its passengers and goods to their destination in time.

A tireless warrior, the smoky is always proven punctual and fast.  The engine obeys every command of its drivers. Let’s welcome the smoky, give big applause. If you want to read about the smoky, you can buy the kindle version of Smoky’s adventures.

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