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Love At First Sight

Let's live together

It’s A Special Day

The setting was just right, nobody was around on the seaside. The blue sea was calm. Ah, here comes our special guests! Two crane birds flew down to exchange their marriage vows. What a happy day in these bird’s life. Together, they will become one family.

The birds spent some time at the seaside. They shared their thoughts about the family with each other. The lunch was just great, as the birds got a lot of fish from the sea.

“In this beautiful world, we are alone,
It’s time to forget everything,
We’ll be together always,
Share and care for each other!”

The two happy birds sang that beautiful song. They’ll be spending the rest of their lives together, eating, singing, dancing, and enjoying life to its fullest. Let nobody in the world disturb their peace of mind.

It was evening, and the birds flew to a nearby tree.

Sometimes, life is full of surprises. We have to wait patiently for the good things to happen in our lives. Remember, Hurry makes Worry!

God has created everything beautifully for all living beings to enjoy life together. All we have to do is share and care for each other, and the world becomes a beautiful place to live!

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