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Dog, Bird And The Snake

Hey, Ms. Bird, I didn't hear you singing today. What happened?

“Hey, what happened? You look so gloomy. Why are you not singing today?” asked the dog.

“I am sad. Somebody is stealing all my eggs. You know how hard I am working for my family. But all my efforts are going in vain. I am sure it’s the yellow snake stealing all my eggs,” said the bird.

“Don’t worry. I will look after your eggs while you are out. Just let me know before you leave home,” said the dog.

The very next day, the dog was on high alert. Until noon, nothing happened. No unusual activities were near the bird’s nest. Around noon, the dog saw a yellowish thing slowly moving towards the tree. The dog saw it was the yellow snake, the bird suspected. The dog immediately caught the snake by its neck.

“Please leave me, let me go,” the snake cried.

“I’ll leave you, but only one condition. You should never steal. If I found you ever stealing, I will not show any mercy,” said the dog, letting the snake go away.

The yellow snake left the place, holding his painful neck down.

When the bird was back in her nest, she saw her eggs still intact in the nest.

“You don’t worry about that yellow snake anymore. The yellow snake will never trouble you again. I have dealt with the yellow snake harshly, that it will never come again to steal your eggs,” said the dog.

“Thank you very much for your help, Mr. Dog. My children and I are very grateful for you,” said the bird. The dog smiled and went home.

The next day morning, the dog woke up hearing the bird singing a happy song.

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Dave: The dog did a great help.

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