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Never Dance With An Elephant!

dancing elephant and the dog
Wiill you stop doing that?

“Bow, Bow, You crazy elephant, don’t stay here anymore,” the dog made himself safe on the rooftop before barking at the elephant. The dog well knows that it’s a dangerous business dealing with an elephant. “Hey, dude, nice to meet you. I am here to entertain you all,” said the elephant and she started dancing in the middle of the street!

The dog tried to force the elephant out of the village to the jungle where she belongs.

“Now, will you stop dancing and go where you have come from? If you stay any more time here, people will spot you and will catch you,” said the dog. But the elephant just ignored his warnings. “Hey dog, if you would like to dance with me, come down, let’s dance together and have fun,* said the elephant. But the dog didn’t accept the offer, because he knows that dancing with an elephant is injurious to his health, what if she stamp him down during the dance?

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