Dog And The Weeping Baby Elephant

baby elephant and dog

The dog was wandering here and there, saw a little baby elephant sitting under a tree weeping, and weeping. “Hey baby, why are you crying? please let me know if I can be of any help to you?” asked the dog. “I left my home early in the morning. Now I don’t know how to go back. Can you help me to find my parents?” asked the baby elephant.

Search For The Elephants

“Let me try something,” the dog sniffed around the baby elephant for a while. “Just follow me,” said the dog. The baby elephant was excited to follow the dog with the hope to find his missing parents. Soon they reached a meadow. The dog ran here and there, but there was no trace of the baby elephant’s parents. 

“I think they have gone to the other side of the meadow, let’s go there,” said the dog. Both the dog and the elephant walked and walked until they reached the other side of the meadow. “Hey, I can see a group of elephant grazing out there, see if your parents are in that group?” the dog called the elephant.  “Hey, there they are,” the elephant was very happy to meet his parents, he ran to them, it was a happy family reunion.

All elephants came forward to express their gratitude for the dog. The dog too was happy, because he could help a baby to find his parents.


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