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Fearless Deer

deer and the lion story

Brave Deer Acts Smart

  It was a pleasant morning. The deer grazing in the beautiful meadows was happy to be there. Everything looked fresh and calm. Then came a lion that way. The lion saw the deer, without making any sound it slowly approached the deer. But the deer was fearless. Even after seeing the lion, the deer didn’t move.

  “Why is this deer fearless, a deer should fear a lion and be supposed to run. I want to chase and catch it, but this deer, I can’t understand why this deer is a fool,” the lion was confused. The deer was still grazing the grass. It was fully aware that the lion was targeting it.

  “Hey, Mr. Deer, why are you not running even after seeing me,” asked the lion.

  “Oh, Mr. Lion, why should I run away from you? Because you are the king of the jungle and have the responsibility to protect the animals in the jungle. I don’t think you will kill me. I am one of your subjects,” said the deer.

  “Yes, you are right. I won’t kill you. You are too smart. I appreciate the way you handled the situation very well. Have a great day,” said the lion and went looking for an animal who’ll run seeing a lion.

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