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Rescue Dog And The Rabbit

On A Cold Winter Night

The Rescue Mission

“Hey, Mr. Dog, what are you doing in the snow?” asked the rabbit.

“I am a rescuer dog, now in a rescue mission. We got a piece of information that somebody is stuck in the snow. I am searching for that person. If I am not wrong, he must be stuck somewhere here in an avalanche, my sixth sense is telling me. But, I am too tired after running all this distance, and there is no trace of the missing person. Time is crucial, I have to find out the whereabouts of the man as soon as possible, or he is going to die,” said the dog.

“Hey, please let me help you. I saw a person walking in that direction. If you go in that direction, you might be able to find the missing person,” the rabbit pointed in a new direction.

“Thank you, Mr. Rabbit, for providing me the right direction. Now I am sure that I can find that person,” said the dog and ran in the direction the rabbit pointed.

The rescue dog found the person lying, partially buried in the snow. He started barking. The human rescuers also reached there. Yes, they were just in time.

The rescuers saved the life of that man. All were happy, praised the dog for finding the man. The dog looked at the rabbit and thanked him. The rabbit smiled and went to his home happy.

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