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Cow And The Train

Hello, Why Are You Late?

Every day, the train passes through that place exactly at the same time in the evening. There was a cow who was happy to see the train chugging all the way around her. When the train arrives, the cow makes a moo, and the train makes honk to greet each other.

One day the train was late, the cow started worrying about why the train was getting late. Only after the train passes through, the cow can go home. It was evening, other cows walked towards the cattle shed. They asked her why she was still there in the meadows. “Hey, I am waiting for my friend. You go home. I will come soon,” said the cow. Finally, the train arrived half an hour late, tired and chugging slowly.

“Hey, you are very punctual and supposed to come here half an hour early. Why, what happened? Something happened on the way?” the curious cow asked the train.

“Yes, I just had a narrow escape. My rail was broken. I was that and stopped immediately. I hadn’t noticed that I would not be here talking to you. I had to wait there till it got fixed,” said the train.

“Thank God, you escaped unhurt. Now I can go home happy,” said the cow. The train smiled and chugged away. The cow went to the cattle shed, singing a happy song.

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