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Choose your friends wisely

Oops, it's not here! Somebody took it! I'm Sorry!

“It was somewhere here, I am sure about it. I kept the rabbit meat hidden here only. Let’s search for some more time,” the fox said to the tiger. 

“You are cheating on me, you scoundrel,” the impatient tiger hit the fox shouting at him.

The fox cried and ran away. Back home, he was still weeping. The fox simply couldn’t understand why the tiger hit him. All he wanted was to share the hunt with his best friend. But some other animal took his hunt when the fox went to invite the tiger.

“Why are you weeping? The fox’s father asked.

The fox told his father what happened that day between the friends.

“How many times I’ve told you not to befriend a tiger. That tiger is bad. You should stay away from it. Make friends with other foxes. That’s the best thing you can do,” said his father.

“Yes, it’s my mistake. I thought a strong friend was power. But now I realize it’s a big risk too,” said the fox.

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Abandoned: Big friend, big risk!

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