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The Crab Punishment

elephant and the crab encounter
Oops, something is pulling me down!

The young baby elephant was notorious for its bad behavior towards small animals. Everybody feared him a lot. Nobody had any guts to tell him what he was doing was wrong.

One day, the young elephant was in the river to drink some water. On the way, he misbehaved with a deer and a rabbit. Poor animals ran for their life. The elephant laughed at them.

He put his trunk into the water and started drinking water. Suddenly he felt severe pain on the tip of its trunk.

“Ouch, my trunk, it hurts, he screamed. It was none other than the crab who earlier had suffered from the elephant. The elephant cried for help, but nobody came forward to help the elephant.

“Please leave me,” the elephant begged the crab.

“I’ll leave you only one condition. Promise me that you will never hurt anybody in your life,” said the crab.

“I promise you, I will not hurt anybody. Please leave me. Your sharp teeth hurt me a lot,” pleaded the elephant.

The crab freed the elephant. The elephant ran away, crying in pain.

“I will not hurt anybody, I will not hurt anybody,” the young elephant was chanting, running toward its mother.


2022-10-03 11:47:04


And the elephant never dealt with anybody indecent. All the animals thanked the crab!

2022-10-03 13:28:43


Be careful with crab. It is so painful a crab bite.