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Getting A Free Ride On Elephant's Back

Be Nice!

One day, a cat was messing around. He didn’t have any clue what to do to keep himself busy. He walked around the house in search of some kind of adventure. The bored cat decided to go out to explore the world around him.

The cat saw a big elephant coming on its way. “Hey, Mr. Elephant, can we play?” asked the cat. “Sorry, friend. I am a little busy. I have a lot of jobs to do today,” said the elephant. “Do you know something? I will show you where you can find sweet jackfruit,” the cat said. “Um, I love jackfruits, show me where I can get some,” said the elephant. “Come with me,” said the cat. Both the elephant and the cat walked together.

“Here you are. There is plenty of jackfruit trees here. Select the best fruit for you,” said the cat. The elephant looked around, started eating the jackfruits. After eating the jackfruits to its heart’s content, the elephant offered the cat a free ride on its top. The cat immediately jumped from the top of a tree to the elephant’s back. The elephant took him around. It was an adventurous trip for the cat.

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