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Butterfly And The Horse

horse and the blue butterfly
I am happy to see you around, beautiful blue butterfly

“What a boring day, with no rides scheduled for today,” the horse yawned.

The horse looked around, saw a blue butterfly. The butterfly was busy flying flower to flower. The horse was curious to learn what serious job the butterfly was doing on those flowers.

You made my day by telling me so many good things about me. I feel more energetic today,

“Hey, butterfly, please tell me, what are you doing on those flowers? I see you busy, flying from flower to flower,” asked the horse.

“I am collecting honey from the flowers. Also, I help them by distributing their seeds to other flowers,” said the butterfly.

“You are doing a great thing, butterfly. You are helping the flowers to multiply. Very nice of you. Also you look very beautiful, just like those beautiful flowers,” said the horse.

“I am so happy to hear that. Thank you, horse, for telling me those kind words. At least one person recognized me. I was so sad today because I thought I was ugly and of no good use to others. But you made my day by telling me so many good things about me. I feel more energetic today,” said the butterfly.

“I am also happy to learn I could help you,” said the horse.

See how a small piece of praise can bring about a good change in one’s life. Praise others whenever you can! The horse did a great thing for the butterfly by praising it.

Praising others even for the small thing they are doing. It will bring a new lease on life. Do it whenever you can!