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Rooster and the Elephant

You are strong, feel confident in yourself!

There was an elephant who was afraid of everything. The elephant feared everything. Even a cat could frighten the elephant by staring at the elephant.

One day, the elephant was frantically running. The reason? The elephant heard the sound of a monster.

A rooster was watching the elephant and felt pity for him. The rooster decided to help the elephant to get rid of unnecessary fear. So the rooster went to the elephant and said.

“Why are you so much afraid of? You don’t need to be afraid of anything, because you are very big and strong. You have a big body, which you can’t see because it is behind your big ears. But I can see it. No need to be afraid of anything. Go ahead and face the challenges.” 

“Now, come with me. I will show you something,” said the rooster and took the elephant to the place where the elephant heard the sound of the monster. The rooster showed him a group of frogs crying together and told him that the elephant was frightened because he mistook it as a monster cry. The elephant became confident and thanked the rooster for boosting him up.

Some people are just not aware of their strengths. They are concerned about their weaknesses. If somebody boosts them as the rooster did for the elephant, that will help them get rid of the fear to lead a life full of confidence.

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