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Bunnies And A Long Snake

bunnies and the train
Let's run away from this monster

It was a cold night; two bunnies were hanging around near the railway track. They were jumping around looking for something to eat. They saw a train. It was a long passenger train having several wagons running behind, tied to a powerful steam engine.

“Hey, I think it is the biggest snake I have ever seen in my life,” the first bunny said.

“Yes, it is indeed a long and fat snake, a monster! Look at all that smoke coming out of its head? I think he’s so angry, how deafening its sound,” said the second bunny.

“See, the snake has so many people trapped in its belly. Poor guys, but they are still alive,” said the second bunny.

“Let’s immediately get out of here, or this furious snake will swallow us too,” said the first bunny. Both the bunnies ran away from the snake.

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