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Bull And The Elephant Argument

I Don't Want You To Be Here!

It was a hot summer, the bull which was grazing in the meadows saw an elephant. “Go somewhere else, Ms. Elephant. This meadow belongs to us bulls,  shouted the bull. Both elephant and the bull started arguing over who owns the meadow. Each one said that the meadow belongs to their community. They nearly started fighting.

Suddenly a lion appeared from nowhere. The lion saw the bull. It stared at the bull. It was sure that the lion wanted to hunt the bull down. It was a big lion with a pair of cruel eyes.  The bull got frightened, frozen with fear, he started pleading to the elephant.  “Please help me,” the bull requested the elephant to help him from the hands of the lion.

Immediately, the elephant kicked the lion and threw the lion away. The bull thanked the elephant for the timely help. “I am sorry dear friend. Now I know why I should respect everybody. Nobody knows where they need help,” said the bull, and they started grazing together.

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