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Bird Who Saved A Lion

lion and the bird story
Stop There!

He was walking around the forest. The lion was new to that place. With no place to go, he was just walking here and there.

“Please stop there! You are going to danger,” the lion heard a screaming sound from the sky. It was a bird warning the lion. “Mr. Lion, there is a big hole a few steps away from where you are standing. If you continue to walk, you will fall in that hole and die,” the bird said. The lion saw the hole was just before him. If he had walked a little bit more, he would have fallen into that hole. “Thanks for your timely warning,” said the lion.

“What made you come here?” asked the bird. I was brought here by the flooding waters. It was heavily raining in the place where I was living. All the rivers were overflowing, and I lost my home too. Luckily I got a hold on a wooden log that was floating in the river and reached here,” said the lion.

“Your story is interesting. Want to go back?” asked the bird. “Yes, very much,” said the lion. “No, problem, I will help you out,” said the bird. How can you, a little bird can help me?” asked the lion. “Look, I helped you just now. In the same way, I will help you again. I will fly, and you just follow me,” said the bird.

The lion was happy to follow the bird. The bird knew the place the lion came from. After a few hours, the lion reached its homeland. The lion thanked the bird for its valuable help.