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Baby Monkey Talking From Tallest Tree

I love being here!

Hi kids, I am a baby monkey living on the top of this big tree. This is my home, where I was born, and lives with my father, mother, and my siblings. I don’t fear anybody, as nobody can reach me here. I feel so secured and safe here. This tree has been made home by other animals and birds living here in harmony. I have a lot of friends who live in this tree and other trees.  We live in harmony. Every morning I wake up by bird songs. I think they are just singing for me. We monkeys love bananas a lot. I know a place where there is a banana plantation. Every week we go there and eat plenty of bananas.

In the day time, my hobby is playing around jumping from one tree to another. There are so many trees, so going from one place to another is just a matter of minutes, jumping from one tree to another. It’s not always easy as you might be thinking now. One day I fell from one of the trees and couldn’t move for a short period. Soon I regained movement and was able to play as usual.

Sitting on this tall tree, I feel like I am at the top of the world. My tree home is the tallest tree, from here I can see a lot of things around me, lions and tigers roaming, fighting elephants. Hope you enjoyed my story. Please leave me a word or do a thumbs up, whether you liked my story. Thank you!

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